‘More easily-constructed’ temporary footbridge lined up

New Civil Engineer report on the feedback from the recent meeting of the Hammersmith Bridge Task Force.

The Task Force say that, while they are still considering a ferry service, they are also looking at a temporary footbridge, and say that it might be possible to construct one "more easily" than the bridge that has already been proposed.

From New Civil Engineer:

Dana Skelley, speaking on behalf of the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce, said that alternative footbridge proposals are still dependant on further feasibility studies before they can be advanced...

...“In addition to the temporary ferry service, the group also discussed alternative options for a temporary footbridge across the river.

“These would be dependent on further feasibility studies and technical approvals, but there may be a more easily-constructed temporary footbridge than has previously been proposed.”

Read the full article on the New Civil Engineer website

Posted on 19th October 2020

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