Evening Standard: plans to build a temporary crossing ditched

From the Evening Standard:

Delayed plans to build a £27.3 million temporary crossing were effectively ditched - with council leaders now seeking £46 million from the Government to make the main bridge safe enough to reopen to cyclists and pedestrians.

This would also allow river traffic, including the RNLI Chiswick lifeboat, to pass under the bridge again.


The Standard has seen a new letter to the Government from the leaders of Hammersmith and Fulham and Richmond councils pleading for £46 million “as a matter of urgency” to allow the main bridge to be made safe for walkers and cyclists. This is now seen as a more practical option than spending £27 million on a temporary bridge. Further funds would be needed if the bridge were ever to reopen to vehicles.

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Further confirmation that the temporary crossing won't be built. However, if the main bridge can be reopened to pedestrians and people on bicycles within a couple of months, that would probably make more sense.

Are the government witholding the necessary funds in order to make Tfl, Sadiq Khan and/or LBHF look bad? Possibly. In the meantime, life has been made hard for people in Barnes, who would normally walk or bicycle across the bridge.

Posted on 4th September 2020

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