Can't they make it a bit nicer?

Every morning, as I go over Hammersmith Bridge, I'm struck by how ugly the current arrangements are. A series of forbidding "ROAD CLOSED" signs, more signs telling pedestrians to stick to the walkways, and traffic cones everywhere make the bridge quite unwelcoming.

Excessive signage on the approach to Hammersmith Bridge

And I'm not the only one to think this. As David Dansky notes on Twitter:

Perhaps it's time for the powers that be to embrace the situation, and make a few easy (and cheap) changes that will encourage the public to enjoy the bridge while it's closed to traffic.

For example, they could let people walk along the bridge's roadway. Why not? There's plenty of room for everyone. Maybe they could mark one side of the roadway as a cycle lane, and the other side for walkers?

And while they're at it, they could take down the ugly green netting that's been strung along each side of the bridge, spoiling what is a spectacular view. What's the netting for, anyway?

If there was just one change I'd like them to make, though, it would be to take away the ROAD CLOSED signs, and replace them with signs telling us that Hammersmith Bridge is open to pedestrians and bicycles. 

If the situation could be presented in a more positive way, it might help to reduce the levels of anger surrounding the "closure", and encourage people to enjoy the bridge as it is.

Posted on 31st May 2019

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