Signs for cyclists: all clear now

The signage at Hammersmith Bridge has been updated to make it clearer.

The sign that previously read "Cyclists Join Main Carriageway At Cycle Lane CLOSURE" has now been altered by the application of yellow tape to read "Cyclists Join Main Carriageway". The other sign ("CYCLE LANE AHEAD CLOSED") has been removed.

It may not be the neatest job, but at least it makes it clear that people on bicycles should use the middle of the bridge.

Meanwhile, further signs direct pedestrians to use the two walkways at the sides of the bridge. It seems a slight shame to deny people the pleasure of walking along the middle of the bridge, but I imagine that it's meant to reduce the risk of collisions between people on bikes and those on foot.

I'd say that Conway and LBHF are working to make the most of the positive aspects of closing Hammersmith Bridge to traffic. They have had to put up with a lot of predictable rage from motorists and others since they closed the bridge, so why not cheer them up with a smile and a wave as you cycle past?

Posted on 24th April 2019

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