H&F Council forges ahead with new £6m stabilisation plan for Hammersmith Bridge

From the LBHF website:

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has approved an innovative new £6 million plan to stabilise Hammersmith Bridge at significantly below the original expected cost with works completing in under a year.

The council’s specialist engineers Mott MacDonald devised the alternative stabilisation plan which will bring savings of £24m and has now been chosen to replace the existing Pell Frischmann scheme.

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This refers to the first stage of stabilisation of the bridge, which makes it safe for pedestrians and people on bicycles to cross.

Dr Steve Denton, Head of Civil, Bridge and Ground Engineering at consultants WSP, was commissioned to compare two options to stabilise the bridge’s cast iron pedestals.

LBHF have concluded that, of two proposals for the stabilisation, the one put forward by Mott MacDonald is the best, on the grounds of cost (£24m cheaper) and speed of completion (46 weeks). The plan has been approved by Historic England.

The second phase of works planned for the bridge will involve extensive strengthening and full restoration in order to allow the bridge to reopen eventually to vehicles.

Dr Denton is now considering the two current options for the strengthening and restoration work: the existing TfL plan and the dreadful Fosters + Partners/COWI proposal for a temporary double decker truss.

Posted on 17th August 2021

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