More timewasting from the "Taskforce"

Baroness Vere, leader of the Government's comically-named "Taskforce", on Twitter...

So the Government wants both LBHF - who, let's face it, had the ownership of the bridge foisted on them when the GLC was scrapped - and Transport for London, who have suffered terribly from reduced income over the last year or more, to each come up with £45 million pounds or so to pay for the repairs to the bridge. The Government have offered to pay the remaining £45m.

It is hard to think of any other civilised country where the Government does not subsidise transport infrastructure, and public transport itself, especially in its capital city. But here in London, Hammersmith Bridge has remained closed to all, while our Government continues to play stupid political games, trying to make both the local council and the Mayor of London (both Labour) look bad.

Meanwhile the residents on each side of the river have to find alternative routes across to the other side, via Putney, Barnes or Chiswick bridges.

At least there is a faint glimmer of hope that the bridge will be reopened to pedestrians and people riding bicycles this summer. This will ease the pressure of people crossing the river to some extent - in fact, it will hopefully show that it is not necessary to allow private cars to cross the bridge again.

Posted on 2nd June 2021

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