It's all about money

If you've watched the recording of Tuesday's Zoom meeting with the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce, you'll have seen the discussion about funding.

In spite of statements made by various Tory politicians (Boris Johnson, Shaun Bailey, Grant Shapps, Zac Goldsmith) that funding has been arranged for repairing the bridge, it emerged that Baroness Vere is waiting for Hammersmith to say what its contribution (as owner) will be.

There is some vagueness over details, but LBHF and TfL both say they have made various submissions for funding, which have been ignored.

But in an effort to move things forward, Heidi Alexander of TfL suggested that Government funding could be "front loaded"; in other words, they could at least provide the funding to get things moving and allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross the bridge again, and in the meantime to provide a ferry service.

As you can see in the tweet below, Sarah Olney has written to Baroness Vere to reinforce this request.

Posted on 30th October 2020

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