Daily Mail: Duck Boats to the rescue!

From the Daily Mail:

Duck Boats to the rescue! Businessman's amphibious D-Day craft could return to the Thames as a ferry service while Hammersmith Bridge is shut... even though one caught FIRE.

EXCLUSIVE: MailOnline reveals London Duck Tours has thrown hat into the ring 
Their pitch comes after a Government taskforce mooted ferry as replacement 
He insisted LDT has an 'excellent' track record despite one catching fire in 2013
Plan would pick passenger up at public transport stops and then head into water

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If you can manage to pick out the scraps of a story from among the many advertisements, you'll see that the boss of London Duck Tours, John Bigos [sic], has proposed that his amphibious boats be used as a temporary ferry service.

Scroll down the page, and you'll find a (distorted, blurry) map of the proposed routes. They are ridiculously convoluted, and involve the use of St Paul's School's rowing slipway on the Barnes side of the river, which is quite obviously not suitable for use by the DUKW craft and their passengers.

It seems that Mr Bigos can't tear himself away from the idea that his boats must make a substantial proportion of their journey on land. If he had suggested simply driving back and forth between the slipway at Queen Caroline Street on the north side and the area between Riverview Gardens and the bridge on the south side, his idea might have some credibility. Both sides of the river would need a bit of modification, but one can imagine how it might be achieved.

But if the Mail's article is accurate (obviously a big "if"), I'd say the Duck Bus proposal is a complete waste of time. (But I won't stoop to their level and say it's "quackers".)

Posted on 9th October 2020

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