Is Grant Shapps meeting the full costs of repair?

Sharp-eyed users of Twitter will have seen this rather staged interview between Shaun Bailey and Grant Shapps:

During the interview, Bailey said: “I have spoken to a number of residents and they’re very happy that you’ve provided the money, that your department has provided the money, to pay for, repair the bridge in the long run so it is back to motorised traffic.” Shapps did not challenge or qualify Bailey’s statement.

According to OnLondon:

In a letter, Labour’s Andy Slaughter, whose Hammersmith constituents are among those affected by the closure of the bridge, has asked Shapps to assure him that the Department for Transport “is meeting the full costs of the repair work to Hammersmith Bridge” as Bailey stated...

...Slaughter’s letter also points out that Bailey made a similar claim in an article for Conservative Home published on 23 September, in which he wrote that he and Chelsea & Fulham MP Greg Hands had “asked the government to intervene and take over Hammersmith Bridge” and that Shapps had subsequently “bailed out Sadiq Khan by taking over the bridge and funding the repairs”.

Read the full article on the OnLondon website

The sheer level of dishonesty in this "interview" is staggering. The whole thing is obviously staged, and for Grant Shapps to imply that he is riding to the rescue because he is "fed up" with delays is absolutely ridiculous. He has done nothing so far to help with the situation.

Most importantly, there has been no statement from the Government regarding funding for repairs to the bridge.

Andy Slaughter's letter can be seen on Twitter:

And I'm sure we will all be waiting with bated breath for Grant Shapps's reply.

Posted on 6th October 2020

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