Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce statement

The Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce have issued a joint statement on progress at their meeting on Thursday 1 October 2020.

TL;DR: they've done bugger all.

From the statement:

Dana Skelley, speaking on behalf of the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce group, said:

The taskforce has made significant progress on the next steps for the Hammersmith Bridge. In particular, the taskforce agreed a ferry service across the river would be the preferred transport solution to deliver a crossing for residents in the short-term and we are working quickly to have a service in place by early next year.

All other potential solutions, including a temporary bridge, remain under consideration to ensure the fastest possible resolution for those impacted by the closure of the bridge. TfL also continues to keep the enhanced local bus services under review to respond to changing demands. The taskforce fully understands the complexity of the issues surrounding the pathway to a long-term solution.

To add to the team of leading experts providing advice to the group, Cambridge Professor and mechanics and materials expert, Norman Fleck, has also been engaged to support the work. Norman will join next week’s taskforce meetings.

Work will now continue to urgently progress the temporary transport plans, and other work related to the bridge and river closure, with the taskforce due to reconvene next week where funding options will be discussed.

Read the whole statement on the Gov.uk website

Posted on 1st October 2020

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