MyLondon: Pupils could cross Thames by boat

From MyLondon:

Children on the school run could be ferried across the Thames in a boat due to the closure of Hammersmith Bridge to pedestrians and cyclists.

With schools due to open again in September for the new academic year, both Labour and Conservative councillors in Hammersmith and Fulham (H&F) have floated the idea of using boats to help pupils complete the school run.

The council’s ruling Labour group said on Wednesday (August 19) that it is “seeking to put a temporary ferry in place with local partners, possibly just for school children”.

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Anyone who has seen the speed and range of the tides at Hammersmith Bridge would doubt that this idea is realistic. At low tide, the river is both narrow and shallow, and piers for the ferry would need to be build a long way out into the river.

At high tide, on the other hand, the tide can be very high, and in the middle of the range it can be very fast indeed.

In fact, Tfl have said: “We have assessed the options for providing a crossing for people walking and cycling, and previously concluded that a ferry would not be appropriate. This is because it would require new piers at a location where at low tide the river is very shallow and therefore they would need to extend a significant distance into the river.”

Posted on 21st August 2020

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