Public meeting at the bridge

A public meeting with local councillors was held at the Barnes end of the closed Hammersmith Bridge today.

There was an open mike session to allow people to have their say, and a range of views was presented. Follow the above Twitter link to Tim Lennon's other tweets to get a flavour.

There seems to be general support for a temporary walking and cycling bridge, no matter what people's views are for the long term future.

I'd say that a temporary bridge is now badly needed. I hope that if one is built, it will become even more popular than the car-free Hammersmith Bridge, and people will turn to active travel in increasing numbers.

For the long term, the bridge should not be reopened to private cars, because it will simply increase the total amount of traffic crossing the river into London. It should be for pedestrians, bicycles and public transport only. Allowing cars would be a retrograde step to an unsustainable situation.

Posted on 20th August 2020

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