Vauxhall Bridge to close to cars for 3 months


"Drivers face travel chaos for three months from this Sunday as Vauxhall Bridge closes for essential maintenance.

The 116-year-old-bridge needs safety-critical repair and will be closed to traffic until November.

Only walkers and cyclists will be able to use it – and southbound buses.

Transport for London (TfL) is encouraging road users to check before they travel in the area.

The vital work includes bridge deck waterproofing, resurfacing the footway and carriageway, drainage improvements, kerb works and replacing the bridge’s expansion joints."

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Funny how this is framed as "more headaches for London drivers", as if London drivers don't give all of us headaches the whole time. But it's good news, really, because it will persuade another tranche of drivers to give up driving and travel by a more sensible method instead.

No doubt there will be plenty getting the old bike out of the shed. To them I say, well done! I hope you enjoy the ride. Just give the brakes a quick check-over before you set off, and the chain could probably do with a drop of oil too. (You don't necessatily need some fancy-shmancy "bike oil", ordinary 3-in-1 is fine, or even vegetable oil will tide you over if you haven't got anything else!

Posted on 7th August 2020

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