Evening Standard: Repairs to major roads stay on hold in TfL crisis

From the Evening Standard:

A two-year suspension of repairs and upgrades to main roads is to be continued for another six months as Transport for London chiefs desperately try to save cash.

Details have begun to emerge of which major schemes TfL will shelve as it draws up an emergency budget in the wake of plummeting fares revenue caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Hammersmith bridge, which was shut in April last year, will only reopen if the Government contributes to the £120 million cost of repairs.

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This sounds like good news wrapped up in bad news, doesn't it? Of course, it's bad that TfL are being starved of cash, but if this leads to Hammersmith Bridge being shut to cars for longer than expected (or even forever), the cloud has a silver lining!

And surely, in these times of crisis, there are better things to be spending money on: dedicated cycle lanes and walking space, for example, which should take priority over reopening a route for polluting motor traffic.

Posted on 18th June 2020

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