Update on repair works

LBHF has sent a letter to residents with an update on repair works to Hammersmith Bridge.

The letter gives information about what the engineers are finding as they dismantle the bridge, and says:

"We will never put the public at risk, so if we have to immediately close the bridge to pedestrians and cyclists we will - although I stress, we have not found a need to do that and we are working on plans to minimise disruption should that need to happen.

"We have limited bridge access to keep the public and our engineering team safe throughout the duration of this phase of works, which is scheduled to finish on 1 June 2020.

"That means pedestrians and cyclists will be asked to walk across just one of the bridge’s two footpaths while the heavy machinery is in place and structural parts of the bridge are being dismantled. No motor vehicles of any type will be allowed access, including the pedicab and motorbikes - not even being pushed."

That's fair enough. I'm just glad they are trying to keep it open for people on foot and on bicycles. It's a great shame that the pedicab won't be able to run, though.

On the subject of a temporary bridge, as suggested by many including Zac Goldsmith, they say:

"There has been much talk of a temporary bridge for motor vehicles. That is simply unworkable. Such a bridge would be highly disruptive, it would involve taking over private land, and it would add tens of millions of pounds to the final bill. And after all of that, it would not be capable of taking any significant amount of traffic."

Well, thank goodness for that. It was a stupid idea in the first place.

You can download the letter from the LBHF website by clicking here (PDF).

UPDATE 28 November 2019 - I cycled over the bridge this morning, and noticed that the contractors have closed off one of the two cycle lanes at the Barnes end of the bridge. This means that people on bikes going in both directions have to share one narrow corridor. Now, you could grumble about this and say how awkward it is if two opposing bikes arrive at the same time - or, you could appreciate the fact that the contractors have clearly made an effort to leave the bridge as open as they can. Being an optimist, I favour the latter view.

Posted on 27th November 2019

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