Is it just me, or are things getting back to normal?

Is it just me?

I admit I'm a bit biased, but on my daily journeys across the bridge and in the surrounding area I've noticed two things.

First, the number of people riding bikes along Castelnau and over the bridge (as well as the number crossing Barnes Bridge) has increased. This morning I was one of half a dozen bikes all trying to get through the gap onto the bridge at about the same time. That's almost congestion! Luckily, because we were all on bikes, there was no need for angry hooting or queueing - we just breezed through.

Second, I've noticed that the evening queue of cars heading along Mortlake High Street towards Chalker's Corner has disappeared more quickly than it was doing last week.

Of course, this isn't a scientific study - but it does appear that people are adjusting to the new situation and choosing ways to remove themselves from the traffic jams.

Posted on 26th April 2019

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