Hammersmith Bridge reopening presents enormous engineering challenge

An interesting article in New Civil Engineer on the problems of repairing Hammersmith Bridge:

The footway is a timber deck supported by wrought iron cantilever beams that connect to the main cross girders and the stiffening girders. The deck structure is suspended from 172 wrought iron hangers connected to parallel suspension chains. 

The chains are connected to saddles, which are designed to slide on bearings at the top of the wrought iron towers. At each end, the chains pass over abutment saddles supported on cast iron pedestals and housed in ornamental cast iron casings before passing down sub-surface tunnels to the anchorages.

Dana Skelly and DfT engineering director David Coles outline the challenges of repairing the bridge, including replacing the hangers along with the seized bearings on all four pedestals and on both towers. 

The bridge deck must also be refurbished, the pedestals require strengthening and the pedestal casings must be overhauled. 

It's well worth reading the whole article: https://www.newcivilengineer.com/the-future-of/future-of-bridges-hammersmith-bridge-reopening-presents-enormous-engineering-challenge-29-11-2021/

Posted on 29th November 2021

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