Another idea for the bridge

From Today UK News:

A firm of architect has put forward a multi-million pound plan to reopen Hammersmith Bridge to traffic – by building attached structures beside the main span, for bikes and people.

A new structure could be interwoven with the old, providing support for a new roadway suitable for modern day traffic, hardly touching the Grade 11* listed Victorian bridge.

It would be formed of two new cycle highways on either side of the old bridge starting and ending on the towpaths along the river. The team’s approach removes the need for expensive strengthening works to be undertaken on the old structure.

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The article doesn't explicitly say it, but I imagine the idea is that once these cycleways have been built, the bridge can be "fixed" for cars and other traffic.

It's the first I've seen of this idea, but I should think it'll go the same way as others. Besides, the bridge is fine: you can walk or ride across it now, so there's no hurry, especially with the pedicab service starting soon.

Posted on 16th November 2021

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