Evening Standard: ‘Intolerable’ Hammersmith bridge closure must end, MPs tell Grayling

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling today faced urgent calls to help reopen Hammersmith bridge.

Tory MPs Greg Hands, Justine Greening and Zac Goldsmith called on Mr Grayling to intervene after Hammersmith and Fulham council announced the bridge would remain closed to cars and buses “indefinitely” amid concerns about its structural safety.

Mr Hands said the impact had been “intolerable” as motorists were diverted to cross Putney bridge. Mr Goldsmith called for responsibility for the bridge to be “taken away” from the council.

Full story: www.standard.co.uk/news/london/intolerable-hammersmith-bridge-closure-must-end-mps-tell-grayling-a4116416.html

Our comment: there seems to be almost no opposition to the view that the "closure" of the bridge is a disaster, and all efforts must be made to "open" it again (i.e. allow cars and buses to use it). But at least it's Chris Grayling they're appealing to, so it's unlikely that anything will actually be achieved.

Posted on 12th April 2019

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