"Prince Philip Bridge"

From The Times, 24th April 2021:

"...nothing today would be more economically important and symbolic of a long royal tradition than a new Prince Philip Bridge over the Thames, replacing the expiring Hammersmith Bridge...

...The solution is to remove the existing bridge and design and build a new one that would exemplify the best of modern British design. A Prince Philip Bridge would complement the Albert Bridge, also named after a royal consort, which was opened in 1873. It could be part-funded by a public appeal and donations would pour in from those knowing the duke would prefer something useful to another bronze effigy. The duke would no doubt smile benignly on something that liberated west London from gridlock..."

Read the whole article: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-times-view-on-a-fitting-tribute-prince-philip-bridge-52srhhwt0 (paywall)

An absolutely crackpot suggestion from The Times. Apart from the fact that Hammersmith Bridge is a listed structure, the casual suggestion that replacing it with a new bridge would "liberate West London from gridlock" is absolutely laughable.

Anyone who lives in the area will remember that traffic volumes have steadily increased over the years. There was "gridlock" before the bridge was closed to cars in 2019, and reopening an extra route for people to drive will do nothing to change that.

Posted on 24th April 2021

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