Engineering plan behind Hammersmith Bridge’s double-decker solution

New Civil Engineer has published more details about how the temporary double decker bridge will be installed while Hammersmith Bridge is repaired.

You can read the full article at:

The key points are:

  • It will cost c.£40m less than the current £141 plan.
  • It could open to pedestrians early next summer, before opening to motorists around two months later.
  • At first, pedestrians and cyclists would use the upper level; the lower level would be used as a construction site, giving workers access to the deck and hangers.
  • After the bridge deck has been removed, pedestrians and cyclists are relegated to  the lower level of the temporary crossing, while the upper deck is opened to motorists.
  • The upper deck will also give easier access to the bearings at the top of the bridge's towers.

I think it's a shame that they feel the need to allow cars to cross on the upper deck. If they just left it open to walkers and people on bikes, while using the lower deck to fix the bridge, everyone would be happy. Well, everyone except the people who want to drive their cars into the already congested streets of London, that is.

Posted on 7th April 2021

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