Uber Boat by Thames Clippers selected to operate the Hammersmith bridge ferry service

Ross Lydall of the Evening Standard - a reliable source - has announced on Twitter that Uber Boats have been chosen to operate the ferry service.

Those boats are pretty big - around 25m. I think they will have a lot of problems manoeuvring at this point of the river, especially at low tide.

Read my earlier comments about the ferry service here.

Here is TfL's press release: TfL appoints operator to run temporary Hammersmith ferry service

Jamie Waller, who has offered Harrods Wharf for use by the ferry, sent this email:

Thames Clipper WIN CONTRACT to provide ferry service at Hammersmith Bridge

You will note that Thames Clipper have suggested that they would like to run the Ferry Service closer to Hammersmith Bridge which means if they get planning permission, the Ferry will operate between the ramp down to the path on the south and across to the ramp up at the north side. Harrods Wharf will not be required unless the planning consent which is yet to be requested is refused for what's proposed.

TfL have asked us to keep Harrods Wharf available and we are planning a workshop with the relevant parties to ensure that whatever happens, the timeline for the Ferry starting is not compromised any further. We remain committed in assisting the community to get across the Thames regardless of the facilities that are used.

It does feel like progress and I hope that within the next few weeks we will see a further planning application on the Council's website which will then give us an indication of the design, the facilities and the timeline for any approval or refusal by Richmond. We will keep you posted as that information becomes available.

Happy easter.
Kind regards,
Jamie Waller

So it looks as if Harrods Wharf will not be used by the ferry.

I can only assume that landing facilities will have to be built on both sides of the river, then. It's no wonder that it will be "the end of the summer" before the ferry starts running.

Posted on 30th March 2021

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