5th November 2020

Hammersmith Bridge ferry services to reduce journey times for local residents and school children

2nd November 2020

New Civil Engineer: Returning Hammersmith Bridge to its former glory will be a “huge feat of engineering”, according to the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce’s project manager Dana Skelly.

2nd November 2020

The government's "bailout" package for TfL includes a requirement to set up a ferry service

30th October 2020

Joint statement on progress made by the taskforce at its meeting on 29 October 2020, and a set of responses relating to questions commonly asked about Hammersmith Bridge.

30th October 2020

Following the discussion about funding at the public meeting, Sarah Olney writes to Baroness Vere

28th October 2020

The public meeting with the Taskforce was held this evening