18th November 2020

From The repair of an important and attractive piece of London transport infrastructure has become sadly entangled in a scramble for votes

17th November 2020

From New Civil Engineer: TfL is expected to instruct contractors to carry out immediate mitigation work on the two western pedestals of Hammersmith Bridge

14th November 2020

The seventh meeting of the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce was held on 13 November 2020.

12th November 2020

Although the idea has been ruled out by Dana Skelley, Project Director for the Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce, there are still some who want a temporary road bridge

9th November 2020

From the Richmond and Twickenham Times: Richmond Council has agreed to fund a quarter of the ferry infrastructure

5th November 2020

Hammersmith Bridge ferry services to reduce journey times for local residents and school children