20th August 2020

A public meeting was held at the Barnes end of Hammersmith Bridge today

19th August 2020

LBRuT has offered to waive the planning fee in order to speed up the building of a temporary bridge

18th August 2020

An update from Richmond Park's MP about Hammersmith Bridge

17th August 2020

A helpful update from Sarah Olney, keeping her consituents informed on the full closure

13th August 2020

Due to urgent safety concerns, Hammersmith and Fulham Council have today announced (13 August 2020) that Hammersmith Bridge will be closed to all members of the public, including pedestrians and cyclists, from 5pm, following expert technical advice.

10th August 2020

An open letter to Stephen Cowan, Grant Shapps MP, Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Heidi Alexander and Will Norman, putting the case for keeping Hammersmith Bridge car-free